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Portable Hanging Mesh Fabric Storage Bag
- Sep 05, 2018 -

This Hanging bag has a hole/hook .  It looks nice.The pockets are sized nicely and you can even fit a water bottle in the bigger pockets.  

Material: 190T Polyester fabric ,40gsm,  Size: 36x36x60 cm With 3 Pockets .

Hanging storage bag  is made of a thicker fabric so it's stiff and holds it's shape well 

This Hanging Mesh Fabric Storage Bag can hang by your recliner,right next to your desk,next to your child's bed ,on the wall in the window into the kitchen to store all remotes, glasses, jewelry ,chap stick ,chargers,mail ,bills, keys,smaller notepads of paper, some pens, envelopes,etc that were always lost around