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Pec-Man Storage Clothes Laundry Hamper Inquiry From USA
- Mar 09, 2019 -

I'm looking to make a "Pop Up Storage Children's  Laundry Hamper" but with a custom print design. I would want it to look like Pac-Man. I can make the design. I only need 10 pieces. 

Hey Emily,
I am only looking for a small quantity of 10 of these hampers. I know the minimum is 1000 but I only need 10. If you are able to produce 10 of the hampers before you go on winter holiday (next week) and ship them to me my company is willing to pay 500USD for them. 
But we wont be purchasing any more of the hampers. 
If you cant produce the hampers until March then we will cancel. 
I redid the artwork to the size of 38cm diameter X50cm height.So that should be better.
And I can use paypal at any time. Thank you,

Hello, Sir/Mam , 

Thanks for your Inquiry .

About Pop Up Storage Children's Cloths Laundry Hamper , Our MOQ is 500-1000pcs 

We are wholesale pop up hamper factory  in China . 
Check my attachment , please . Your style is similar as ours . 
If you like our stock like attachment , we can deliver it to you . 

10pcs hamper customized sample fee only cost total  50USD .

It is no necessary to pay 500USD to us .

Only 50USD for 10pcs hampers .

By the way , what is the material you need ?   170T or 180T, or 190T, or 210T ? 

Please confirm .





Pec-Man Storage Clothes Laundry Hamper Inquiry from USA