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New Color Net Folding Laundry Basket
- Apr 19, 2018 -

Modern office workers, busy every day, often go home from work is very late, which is the strength to wash clothes ah, put dirty clothes in the washing machine, wait until Sunday when it is free to open a look, wow! - ~ ~ good smell!!! It is washing machine, and the air is dirty clothes ah, put a few days, also want to taste it stuffy stuffy!!!

It's all right now! With a laundry basket, it specializes in solving such problems for you, its super scale capacity, its high fiber mesh design, and all your favorite clothes for you.

The laundry basket has strong air permeability, and the clothes are put together without flavour. Are you holding all kinds of clothes, or a good helper ah!

Breathable nylon mesh looks simple and generous, and will not damage the overall effect of your home. The folding volume is compact and easy to collect, and is more suitable for outbound travel.