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Laundry Hamper Inquiry From USA
- Mar 03, 2019 -

I will require customization. Are these product(s) available to be customized?
Material: Nylon
Dimensions: 18 Inches Diameter x 23 Inches H
Request: Lid with zipper with sturdy handles

Nylon Material Laundry Bin/Pop Up Bin and 190 T Material are all belong to the Polyester . 
The same cost . What is importantly , we can not buy the steel material from the factory . Because your quantity is not large . So the steel factory doesn't sell the small quantity steel and the material . 
And our factory storage room was fired , many customers goods were destroyed so we do not have enough time to draw a design again of your goods . Can not make it more taller . Only Size 42 X52 CM . Feel so sorry . 
Actually our MOQ is 2000 PCS , but because u from USA. And the people from USA help me a lot . So I can make it for u . But unfortunately , our factory was fired and loose . 

Laundry Hamper Inquiry from USA