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Laundry Hamper Inquiry From Mexico
- Mar 03, 2019 -

Hi Friend

My name is Alejandro . Our company is specialized in selling promotional Pop-Up Hamper products to important companies in Mexico.

I´m in a new project  about   folding basket .I have seen your Alibaba web page, and I hope you can help me because I need a quotation about your product.

Only thing that I need It´s that the item has same function as the attached images.  All details are in my file (quantity, logo printi, etc, check it first please) and could you quote all models on my file? or give me your suggest models

TARGET PRICE;    $ .39 USD, please suggest me any model that I can reach or is close to my target price, I need a High quality glucose meter.

I send to you a PPT with all the specification that I need please read


100,000 pcs

150,000 pcs

200,000 pcs

check the presentation with all the specification,please

Is necessary to tell me if you Include the logo charge in the final prices   

Laundry Hamper Inquiry from Mexico