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How To Store Toys
- Apr 19, 2018 -

1. Wall-mounted wrought iron baskets: Hang the wrought iron baskets on the wall and place them at a height, just like a basket. Children can put toys in different size baskets according to their size, which is very easy to stimulate children's interest. The packed toys turn into wall decorations and serve two purposes.

2. The storage barrel made of tires: The two old tires are joined together with the bottom and lid, painted in lovely colors, not only decorating the children's room, but also a very practical storage barrel. The capacity is very large, and the mellow, thick tires can also prevent children from bruising.

3. Storage bins stacked on the corner: stacking multiple plastic buckets into a multi-sided storage rack. Especially in the corner position, you can make full use of the corner to accommodate more items. Children also like to find their own toys in different buckets.

4. Easy bag made into a storage bag: The lunch bag used by the mother for dinner can be used as a storage bag for small toys such as building blocks, and the string of the mouth of the bag can be tightened to prevent these sporadic pieces from falling. Children can also easily find a whole bag of bricks.

5. Storage box behind the background board: The children like to simulate some scenes. For example, they love to play with little boys, background boards for houses and roads, so that they can play even more fun. While doing these background boards, add a storage box for storage at the back, and after playing, teach them to pack the small boxes into the box. They will also easily learn to clean up.

6. The "stealth" toy box at the table: Give the child a small table as a place to both draw and learn. Make the table look like it can be opened, and you can store your child's toy on the table belly. By simply covering the table, the toy can be easily “hidded”.

7. Storage bag behind the door: Install such a storage bag for shoes in the storage bag behind the door. The child's robot or small doll can be placed one by one, like a display stand, but it will not take up too much space.

8. IKEA Wardrobe Renovation: IKEA's PAX Wardrobe, plus two bendable metal tubes, make it a great tool for plush dolls to be stored. Stacked dolls are not covered by metal pipes, but they can be easily extracted. come out.

9. Use a magnet holder to hold the toy car: once the boy's metal toy car is in good condition, it is very easy to slip the child. The magnet rack sucks on it, and a row of neat little* ready to go is fun and convenient.