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How To Fold Up The Laundry Basket
- Apr 19, 2018 -

The first step is folding, the front is 8, and the side is half circle. Note that the mouth of the clothes basket must be in the center of the top 8, otherwise it will not be moved.

After the second step, the hand grasps the 8 word waist, the side looks the steel wire naturally bending into the 1.5 circle, along with the direction of the natural bending of the steel wire, the steel wire at the top of the 8 words is pressed down to the 2/3 of the semicircular arc.

In the third step, at that time, the circle of the upper part of the 8 character has become two small circles, and the two small circles are stacked together naturally along the steel wire.

The fourth step, the stack of two small circle and the original 8 words below a small circle together, generally speaking, the edge of the clothes basket should have a rubber band in the right position, just pull up the three circles, and then make a success.