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German Pop-Up Hamper
- Oct 19, 2018 -

Dear Emily,

 please be so kind and let me know the best price for transparent material. Of course the quality must have enough tensile strength for a use in the shops.

  This email is from our german pop-open spiral hamper . First time , when this germany customer got our 12pcs samples , he thought walk line quality is quite good .  But he wants to change more thick transparent net maretial .  At this moment,   we are making an order from USA with the durable nylon  material the transparent net material laundry hamper basket .

As we know , germany customers have higher requirement about the material quality and walking  lines neatly .  About the transparent nylon net material ,  Our transparent net material is more thick ,more durable than 70g Nylon Mesh transparent material . Nylon mesh  material has good ventilation and enough tensile strength.  I made an explanation to them and take photos showed . 

Our customer said that 

Dear Emily,


thank you very much for your further information.


We will come back to you, when we know how to combine the delivery with other goods.


We trust in you.


s2German Pop-Up HamperGerman Pop-Up Hamper

German Pop-Up HamperGerman Pop-Up Hamper