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Folding Smart Saver Pop Up Bin
- Jul 16, 2018 -

     Folding Smart Saver Pop Up Bin

Material: Fabre Polyester, folding galvanized steel wire .  
Size: 38x45cm, custom size 
Color: custom

Usage: Household accommodation, toilet accommodation, dirty clothes basket, clothes collection.

Use Smart Saver pop Up Hamper ,Life is to enjoy, make home more space.We  Smart Saver pop Up Bin Pop Up Bin factory have been at the top of the house for more space .

1.Smart Saver pop Up Bin Folding is safe and environmental friendly. It contains no formaldehyde and no smell.

2.Dustproof and mildew proof and moisture-proof, even if dust falls on top, wipe off with damp cloth, then it can be cleaned as new and easy to clean.

3.Smart Saver pop Up Bin Folding is long service life, strong cloth in 190Tfabric , light weight material, thick fabric, wear-resistant and durable, it is not easy to use for a long time.

Folding Smart Saver Pop Up Bin

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