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Customer Service About The Pop-Up Storage Hamper Basket
- May 21, 2018 -

Our customer got the goods . And said our factory worker forgot to make the black button . 

About these 98pcs  storage Pop-Up hamper baskets ,Our factory manager forgot to tell the worker to 

install the black button . We provided good service and urgently reply .  Firstly , Just make an apology .  Secondly , ask our customer what advice can give us to make compensation ?  We promise we will not make this mistake any more . Our customer trust our Pop-Up Hamper Basket Factory ,and will be willing to order again.  By the way , Our lathe work  is even and neatly . 

Our customer is a big boss and can understand well . So just said make normal discount about the next order . Chating Record is as the following pictures : 

Yellow Storage Hamper Basket

Yellow Storage Hamper Basket

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