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Collapsible Smartworks Pop Up Hamper Bin
- Jul 20, 2018 -

Material: Fabre Polyester, folding galvanized steel wire .  
Size: 40X40X60cm, custom size 
Color: Navy blue or custom color 
Shape:  Round

Usage: Household accommodation, toilet accommodation, dirty clothes basket, clothes collection.

1. The Storage Pop-Up hamper Basket  with lid has strong air permeability. When clothes are put together, it is not easy to moldy, and it is not easy to smell.  Storage Pop-Up hamper Basket  with lid is a good helper for all kinds of laundry and sundries. The breathable nylon cloth looks simple and generous, and it is not easy to damage the home effect.

 2. Now our Collapsible Smartworks Pop Up hamper Bin  with lid  for you to solve such a problem, its large scale capacity, high fiber mesh design, for you to take care of your  caring clothes.