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Collapsible Bathroom Storage Laundry Hamper Basket
- Jun 19, 2018 -


Size: 35x35x45cm , Collapsible Bathroom Storage Laundry Hamper Basket

·Storage Hamper  Basket Collection Barrel Collapsible is framed by 2.8mm steel wire to reinforce it. This collapsible storage hamper basket is firm and high qualified to store your daily dirty clothes.

·Large capacity gives extra space for accessories

·Quick to pop and easy to close, fold up to a small circle when not in use, a convenient foldable laundry basket when travelling and camping. Perfect college laundry hamper for dorm room accessories, also for bedroom and bathroom use.



Brand: OEM/ODM

Dimension:  35x35x45cm

Material:     Fabric +Ribbon Handle 

The Collapsible Bathroom Storage Hamper Basket

is perfect for anywhere and anyone to use. Quickly pops open and folds flat for hassle-free storage. Comes with durable easy-carry handles and a convenient side pocket which is designed for storing laundry necessities. Sturdy construction, strong, tall, and super large. A sufficient opening at the top so people can easily get the clothes into the hamper.
Collapsible Bathroom Storage Laundry Hamper Basket

Collapsible Bathroom Storage Laundry Hamper Basket