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Blue Hanging Pop -Up Laundry Hamper
- Jun 05, 2018 -


The material of the hamper bin is strong and firm, mildew proof, dust-proof, portable and foldable, without space and collection.

1. Lid design, equipped with a lid, a better dustproof, a clean and refreshing

2. Interior space, large space, large storage space, storage space, storage more, a more powerful

3. Blue Hanging Pop -Up Laundry Hamper with Strong and firm bottom, the bottom of the barrel thickening treatment, increase wear resistance, thick bottom is not easy leakage, more durable and everlasting ,mildew proof, dust-proof

4.The Blue Hanging Pop -Up Laundry Hamper material is made of mesh nylon cloth, breathable, not easy to smell, easy to clean, and durable nylon handles .  

5.  Convenient zipper closure .

Blue Hanging Pop -Up Laundry Hamper