Blue Play Mat And Toys Storage Bag

Material: Durable polyester fiber,Nylon Extra large toy storage bag for kids Size:...

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Product Details

Product Description

Material: Durable polyester fiber,Nylon

Name: Extra large toy storage bag for kids

Size: Diameter 60" or 40” or 17.8” can be customized

Shape: Round

Color: Blue

Washing: Hand Wash

Usage: pick up the rope and untie the rope when opening

Blue Play Mat and Toys Storage Bag

About the product

This matt is super convenient and makes clean up of all those tiny Lego pieces. Children can open up his matt, easily filter through the pieces and quickly clean up.

Toy stotage bag can be filled the Lego pieces inside .

The matt is slightly larger than expected but still works well.It also can be floor mat.

This is a very convenient toy collection bag. When the children are playing with toys, they all throw them around.

It's troublesome to pack up and waste time.

This super large toy bag is packed in a bag.

When the child needs to play, the child will release the rope and the bag becomes a cushion.

The toys are all present, the children do not play, as long as the rope is pulled, all the toys have been cleaned up, convenient and quick, household, picnic and so on can never be lack of practical receipt pads.

The function is dervise , not just for storage . This Toy Play Mat Storage Bag is saving time , easy to carry ,multi-purpose and wasily cleaned .

Blue Play Mat and Toys Storage Bag

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