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What kind of Laundry Hamper Basket have
- Apr 19, 2018 -

Many young people nowadays are facing a fast-paced lifestyle. Every day, when dirty clothes are taken off, there may not be time to clean them in time. In order not to make the room look too messy, it would be appropriate to be able to store dirty clothes well. The current hamper is made of different materials and plays a different decorative role in the room.

Oxford cloth storage basket

Oxford cloth itself has a very good waterproof and dustproof effect. The storage basket made of oxford cloth has better waterproof characteristics. Most of the storage baskets adopt a foldable design to facilitate storage and are suitable for most households.

Waterproof laundry basket

High-density material made of oxford cloth is carefully crafted. It has the features of safe and non-formaldehyde-free, stamped design, good moisture-proof and dustproof effect, large-capacity design, and can accommodate various items. Strong iron pipe design, smooth surface.

Rattan material storage basket

The rattan-made material storage basket is made of pure hand-woven fabrics using high-quality and safe rattan weaving techniques. It is a romantic pastoral style. Environmentally-friendly, rattan-free material is ideal for a small, fresh decor.

Wicker covered laundry basket

The hamper is made of bold and environmentally friendly rattan material. The inner lining is made of soft cotton fabric to prevent the clothing from being scratched. The strap and the inner lining are of one-piece design with bow tie and beautiful personality. Very rural pasture.

Cotton and linen material hamper

Breathable and hygienic cotton lining material hamper has soft and breathable effect, used to make hamper has good antibacterial and environmental protection. The variety of hamper styles made of cotton and linen makes it ideal for fresh, rustic homes.

Cotton linen hamper

Rural style cotton and linen laundry bucket, simple and stylish design, large capacity design, easy to accommodate a variety of dirty clothing. The foldable design makes it easy to store and save space. High quality cotton and linen material, thick fabric, strong and durable.

Folding fabric clothes 

The soft and thick cotton and linen fabrics are meticulously crafted. The hand-made texture is very clear. The design of the pure solid wood supports, the screws are firm, and the stability is very good. The foldable design is very convenient to store, the modelling is simple and fashionable, and the stability is very good.

Plastic hamper

The plastic hamper is a common material type. It has good waterproof and antibacterial properties and can be used in the bathroom. Not afraid of moisture can also prevent the growth of bacteria, easy to use and safe. Various styles of decoration can be used.

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