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What are the types of the basket
- Apr 19, 2018 -

One, cooker basket: it is generally under the stove, this part of the design for the basket, storage pot pot, even if the occasional friend does not sit in a mess, and easy access.

Two, the drawer basket: Gu thinking, its shape is like a drawer, drawer type.

Three, bowl pulling basket: the use of this basket is mainly to store the dishes, some will be placed above the washing pool, and there is a water retaining plate below, so that the water drops to the cupboard, the time has long caused deformation. Now more cabinets are designed to integrate this basket into the stove basket.

Four, deep damped basket: super strong storage function, pull type of open and close mode; multi layer division basket, so that food is easily classified and placed, take a clear view; at the same time, the heavier the load, the more smooth, even full of food, can also be soft open, silent silent. High box design, style, atmosphere, easy to adjust the height of the basket to facilitate the placement of different types of items.

Five, corner pull basket: if you want to not waste the corner space of the cupboard, and order things in an orderly way, we must use this angle basket, and the larger volume makes the fetching more convenient.

The basket in the kitchen has a very strong collection function, which is installed in need of different types of basket. It is believed that you can make your kitchen more space. In particular, the corner basket, let go of every inch of available space, the owners of home decoration may wish to refer to it.