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The Origin of Oxford Cloth Material
- Oct 18, 2018 -

The origin of Oxford cloth was 1900. In order to fight against the flashy and extravagant atmosphere at that time, a small group of maverick students in Oxford University designed and processed combed cotton fabric by themselves. The fabric showed double-color effect, harmonious and quiet color, good air permeability, comfort and naturalness. Under this impetus, the fabric became a special school uniform for Oxford University and became popular in Europe and the United States for a hundred years. After the improvement of Oxford technology, Oxford cloth was gradually developed for trial production of luggage and bags. After dyeing and finishing and coating process, this kind of Oxford cloth has soft hand feeling, strong drapability, novel style and good waterproof performance.

The Origin of Oxford Cloth Material

About more than 10 years , our pop-up hamper factory uses the oxford cloth material to customize foldable laundry hamper basket .   The mateial is waterproof and durable ,not easy to be broken, can be used several years .

 Oxford cloth features: 1. easy washing and quick drying 2. good waterproof performance 3. wear - resistant and durable

 The Origin of Oxford Cloth Material

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