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The making method of DIY receiving basket
- Apr 19, 2018 -

The first step is to collect several big shoe boxes, which are not limited, but must be equal in size, and then prepare the tools such as the American workers, scissors, double sides glue, cardboard (the number of shoeboxes is not enough), and the timely paste and other tools.

NO.1 first cut the sides of a few shoe covers separately, leaving three other surfaces.

NO.2 the three sides should be connected with cardboard separately, the height must be greater than that of the shoebox, so that it is easy to store goods.

NO.3 put several finished box covers in layers (size and height should be equal) and fasten them with tape.

NO.4 choose a color that you like, mount the cardboard box in a timely manner, so that the outside of the box is ready.

NO.5 then glued one side of the shoe box to a piece of cardboard on both sides (the height is about 1/3 of the entire container), and put on the cardboard surface a good time to stick. If you are interested, you may add a little pattern to decorate it.

NO.6 put two small holes in the middle of the cardboard, and put on a knitting rope as a drawer handle. Did you see? It is the use of ordinary paper bags to make braided shapes.

NO.7 try putting several of the drawers in. Just good!

NO.8 uses this method to use all of your abandoned shoelboxes and turn them into a beautiful and practical receiving box, which you can make and make a vertical. Look at this red one. Did you find it? The top out of a handle, familiar to you? That's right. This is the handle of a box of cartons of milk, which is usually placed on the storage box. It is convenient to move at any time. It's lovely.