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process of the galvanized wire hamper
- Mar 08, 2019 -


 Galvanized wire is divided into hot-dip galvanized wire and electronic galvanized wire or called cold galvanized wire .

 Hot dip galvanizing

 It is dip - plated in molten zinc solution, with fast production speed, thick but uneven coating, with the maximum thickness allowed by the market being 45 microns and the maximum being over 300 microns.  It is dark in color, consumes a lot of zinc metal, forms an infiltration layer with the base metal, has good corrosion resistance, and can maintain hot galvanizing in outdoor environment for decades.

 ( Cold Galvanizing )

 Galvanized wire ( cold galvanizing ) is used in electroplating bath to gradually plate zinc on the metal surface through unidirectional current. The production speed is slow, the coating is uniform, the thickness is relatively thin, usually only 3 - 15 microns, the appearance is bright, the corrosion resistance is poor, and it will rust in a few months.  Compared with hot galvanizing, electrogalvanizing has lower production cost.

The galvanized wire of laundry hampers framed by stailess steel ,made after 3000 folding tests

can be used repeatedly, wear-resistant ,easy to deform with good elasticity . It plays an important role for collapsible laundry hamper and storage hamper bin .

process of the galvanized wire  hamper