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How to Wash With Laundry Bags
- Sep 19, 2018 -


Laundry bags are an innovative creation that come in different shapes, sizes, materials and colors. The most common type is made of a mesh material. These types of bags are very useful when washing delicates because they protect the gentle fabrics from being torn or stretched out in the washing machine and the dryer. Using laundry bags is also very eco-friendly because you wash the bag when you wash your other clothing items, and it doesn't require any extra care. You can purchase these kinds of bags online and find them at some grocery stores as well as bed and bath stores.



Mesh laundry hamper are  made of  fabric taffeta 

Load of laundry 

   Fabric detergent

Liquid fabric softener


Fill the mesh laundry bag with a load of laundry. The load can consist of delicates, colors, darks or whites. Make sure that you don't fill the bag until it's stuffed full. If the bag is stuffed, the clothes will not wash properly.Zip or tie the bag closed, and place the bag into the washer. Add detergent and liquid fabric softener if desired.Wash the clothes on the normal cycle that you usually wash them on

How to Wash With Laundry Bags