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How to choose the basket
- Apr 19, 2018 -

Look at luster: if treated with electroplating, it should be bright and plump and beautiful in appearance. If electrolytic polishing is applied to the surface, the original surface of the stainless steel should be rendered with no obvious scratch marks. Look at the solder joint: the solder joint can't be too large. Too big and hard to see, and most of the welding, not strong, it should be slightly less than the size of the two material itself, the large company produced the basket welding point is bump welding, generally no welding scar. Finally, select the configuration. Configuration is the most important in a full basket. Configuration 1: slide rail, slide rail has a certain amount of load, we need to choose thick material, high smoothness, high occlusal degree and low noise. Configuration two: fasteners, fasteners should be selected from stainless steel. Iron is easy to rust and affects the beauty of the inside of the door panel.