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Hands teach you to make a bag of old jeans
- Apr 19, 2018 -

Required materials:

Old jeans, needles, scissors, old chopsticks, cotton ropes.

Making steps:

1. cut off the trouser legs of the old jeans, cut them on both sides, and cut them into rectangles of the same size. If you are straight leg pants, you can also save this step.

2. the denim is facing opposite, and the trousers are not sutured, but only the other three sides are stitched.

3. turn the legs back to the front, ironing smooth.

4. divide the trouser legs into several pieces according to their needs, and then stitch them with beautiful threads. Be careful, sew the two pieces of cloth together.

5. opening two to three centimeters below the stitches, only cutting the cloth.

6. old chopsticks into the side of the pants, and then tied off according to the length, cotton rope, and then to do some decoration hanging bag.

This kind of hanging bag is very practical, no matter hanging behind the door, bookcase, or hanging in the cupboard, it is a good helper for household storage.